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Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery Series

Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery Series.

Take the women from The Big Valley, stir with the witches of Bewitched, add a little Ghost and Mrs. Muir and coat with a modern flair. The women of the Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery series appear.

Moon Lake Witch

Moon Lake Witch Magic Powers minus training equals fun, mayhem, and mystery.

Forty-nine-year-old workaholic Carrie Caser intends to open her fourth Art Gallery.Her Healing-Witch ancestor and ghost friends have other plans for Carrie such as learning to use her inherited magical powers. Carrie isn’t aware she has those powers and frankly doesn’t believe. Add to the mix a tall, dark, handsome stranger,  kidnapping, forbidden magic books, a town in disarray, sharp-shooting senior amateur women sleuths, a secret the whole town knows but refuses to talk about,  and this fun supernatural cozy mystery turns Carrie’s life upside-out and inside-down with paranormal action, adventure, and mystery.


Moon Lake Dance

Moon Lake Dance What Sydney doesn’t know is about to kill her.

Her business, and her ex chewed forty-two-year-old ballroom dance studio owner Sydney Hovan up. Now someone wants her dead.Her  ex-business partner might be a possible suspect. And how does this guy Link Carter who has been sniffing around figure into all of this? He is hot. Like maybe Sydney could forget she’s sworn off men, hot. But she isn’t stupid. She’s worked her butt off to build her new dance studio, mortgaged the land of her ancestors to do it. Her nemesis isn’t coming after her alone. Hired a whole crew. So has she, Her entire crazy, sharp-shooting, psychic, family including a few ghosts with their own agenda.

Moon Lake Music

Moon Lake Music Music, Murder, and the First Ghost Grandmother of Indiana.

It started out as just another day in the life of a woman business owner. An extra appointment added to Sydney Hovan’s schedule by her meddling ghost grandmother, a jealous girlfriend armed with a baseball bat expressing her rage on her boyfriend’s car, a scream in the distance, a missing teacher. It started as just another night in the life of a Ghost Spirit—A John Wayne movie with her descendants, a distress call from Buckle the Beaver, a late night chase, a dead body, and a visit from the First Ghost Grandmother of the State of Indiana.  It will take all hands on deck to catch the bad guys, or girls, or animals. Ghost hands, witch hands, animal paws, and human hands to solve this Supernatural cozy mystery and lead it to a Thriller ending.

Moon Lake Menace

“Why do you show me the horror and not give me the tools to stop it? How cruel is that?”

 These are the questions haunting professional psychic matchmaker Monique Collins as an army of lunatics threaten the country and a menace attacks her friends and neighbors. Lily, her meddling ghost great, great, great grandmother urges Monique to embrace her visions—and follow her heart straight toward Detective Pete Williams. A man who doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see, touch or taste—an infuriating man, a man who can’t even ride a horse. What kind of a man is that for a sharp-shooting, psychic horsewoman like Monique? What about psychic burn? How much more can she take? How far will Grams push her?  These two female forces need to find a suitable solution before the entire town of Moon Lake, IN is hospitalized or worse.

Moon Lake Mayhem

Moon Lake Mayhem

Newbie Apprentice Healing-Witch versus Black Magic.

Something is shaking the tranquility of the tiny fictional Midwestern village of Moon Lake, Indiana. And something is wrong with the residents too. They’re at each other’s throats. It might have something to do with the strangers who’ve come to town. Possible they’ve brought strange black magic with them.  Art Gallery Owner and Healing Witch-in-Training Carrie Caser's ex-husband seems to be one of those strangers. At least he met with them. The Humans of Moon Lake have lost their minds. If Moon Lake is going to be saved it is up to the animals, witches, ghosts, spirits, and angels.The Human’s drama is dampening their animal and spirit magic. They’ll have to knock some sense into these Humans, and do it quickly, or Moon Lake is history and the murderer will go free.

Moon Lake Hate

Moon Lake Hate

You’ll get dizzy maneuvering the twists and turns of this Murder Mystery.

The face of the man retired investigative reporter Elle Collins hadn’t meant to kill shows up at the most inopportune moments. She’s wrestling with a decision she doesn’t know how to make. Go back to her  life as a reporter or forge ahead  as a business owner  genealogist? She’s already booked the gig and bought the land. Both paths are lined with bodies. And ghosts—some friendly, some bossy, some just plain hateful. Rafe Peters has had quite a year. He lost his wife to cancer a few months ago. The cost of her treatments nearly destroyed his family farm. Now he learns his many greats grandmother was a real witch. And she wants him to continue her legacy. And find a new life with Elle Collins, his old flame.

Moon lake Murder

Moon Lake Murder

Don’t bother locking your doors. This Foe can find you anywhere.

Monique Collins formed Psychic Pieces to make the world a safer place. Instead, she attracted the attention of a powerful psychic force bent on beating Monique and unleashing havoc on The Village of Moon Lake and The City of South Bend, Indiana.  To save the town and Psychic Pieces she must face her foe psychic to psychic. It’s a battle she doubts she can win, but she must try in order to protect the lives of her friends and family.

Horse rustling, murder, betrayal, and magic combine to create a nightmare the whole town experiences.

Take the women from the “Big Valley,” stir with the witches of “Bewitched’, add a little “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and a dash of “Mr. Ed.” Coat with a modern flair. The women of the Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery series appear. Something for everyone: Western, Sweet Romance, sharp-shooting amateur detective women sleuths, A Psychic,  and Ghosts.

Make sure you read all the way to “THE END.”

Haunted Homestead

The Haunted Homestead Mystery Challengy Supernatal Cozy Mystery Series

Murder& Mystery. Ghosts & Witches. Spirits & Genealogy.  Family

Kubbern's Ghosts

Kubbern's Ghosts

Note to Self: Research the genealogy before you…Murder and Mystery 

Rags to riches isn’t for the faint of heart, but when you haven’t had a hot shower in months, well, restoring the old family homestead with a bunch of distant relatives doesn’t seem so bad. That is until the journey twists and turns through angry ghosts, witches, murder, kidnapping, and an old legend. Lea Laddie needs to decide if her street smarts and skill are enough to beat the evil in front of her, and solve the mysteries. Riches, her family, and her life await her answer.  If you enjoy murder mysteries mixed with genealogy and peppered with the Supernatural, spend an evening with the Kubbern Family. Watch the sun disappear over beautiful Lake Michigan, dine in one of Michigan’s best restaurants, visit Three Oaks where the movie "Prancer" was filmed, sleep in the estate of a once powerful family. Just don’t upset the spirits or allow evil into your heart.

The Crystal Ballroom, Revenge

The Crystal Ballroom


Amber Jasper owns The Crystal Ballroom on the tiny island of Allegro. Amber has one wish. Revenge against a man who ended her future and broke her leg. She and her partner-in-revenge are so close to victory they can smell it. And wow, the aroma is tantalizing.

But! One night a scream from the beach below, a body, and the return of her former childhood sweetheart demand Amber’s attention, stir painful memories, and force her to examine her soul.

This Supernatural Cozy Mystery is packed with body-dropping intrigue and soul-searching drama. And musical ghosts. Purchase The Crystal Ballroom, search for a murderer and enjoy the glitz and grit where music and dance mingle.