American Missing on Writeon. Progress Report 1.19.2016

American Missing Thirty Days priorThe first half of American Missing: Thirty Days Prior  posted to WriteOn.Amazon.Com today. Anyhow, I hope I did it correctly.  The second half will post next week. The American Missing series is written under the name HA Hattery.

I am trying something a little different.  Book 1: Thirty Days Prior when complete will be a short story. Book 2: The Great Fight, a novelette. Book 3: The Dark Days, a novella. Book 4: The First Week, a novel.  It is written as a Western Cozy Mystery.

The final outline for Moon Lake Psychic is finally finished. I and the villain who couldn’t get his act together had a heart to heart. Moon Lake Psychic should progress quickly now. Yes!!!

The first two scenes of The Crystal Ballroom set on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan are posted on LuciaKuhl.Com.  The third scene will post January 2nd. Receive The Crystal Ballroom in your inbox. 

Moon Lake Hate will be free to download from Amazon.Com on January 22 and 23rd.

Have an awesome week.

Moon Lake Psychic held hostage by Ice

Glazed Tree Branch After Winter Ice Storm, Snow and Frozen Rain, Icicles

Glazed Tree Branch After Winter Ice Storm, Snow and Frozen Rain, Icicles

1/4/2016 Progress Report

Moon Lake Psychic. I’d love to say Moon Lake Psychic was almost done, but it isn’t. It is in the second phase of outlining. Once it hits the third stage progress happens pretty fast. I’d like to blame the slow progress on the Ice Storm and resulting power outage we experienced here in Michiana the week after Christmas, but while it contributed to the delay, that wouldn’t be fair to the ice.

I’ve decided to try releasing the first book in each new series as a weekly serial featured on LuciaKuhl.Com. The first installment of The Crystal Ballroom will appear on the site 1.8.2016. If you’d like to receive it in your inbox click this link.  After we’ve solved the mystery and wrapped up the loose ends The Crystal Ballroom will be available for download on Amazon and other online retailers.

American Missing under HA Hattery will be the next series to start. I can’t wait.