Moon Lake Cozy Mystery Series

Wamazonelcome to Moon Lake, Indiana a fictional village in

Welcome to Moon Lake, IN a fictional town near South Bend, Indiana. Where cozy mysteries abound. Meet witches, ghosts, sharp shooting women sleuths, horses, and gifted animals. A twist of genealogy mixes into the fun.

Welcome to Moon Lake, IN a fictional town near South Bend, Indiana. Where cozy mysteries abound. Meet witches, ghosts, sharp shooting women sleuths, horses, and gifted animals. A twist of genealogy mixes into the fun.

Lucia Kuhl’s Moon Lake Cozy Mystery series.

Moon Lake nurtures a natural portal where ghosts, witches, and spirits can pass unhampered between the two sides.

Each time a soul passes through the portal they raise the energy in Moon Lake a bit making Moon Lake and the surrounding area a little more magical.

Magic without training is a  like a firehose in the hands of a toddler. One never knows what will happen. And magic attracts good and bad souls. Come join our sharp-shooting amateur women sleuth and their opinionated deceased ancestors as they fight crime and solve murder mysteries.

Currently there are six  books available in the series.

Moon Lake Witch (Book 1). 

Moon Lake Dance (Book 2).

Moon Lake Music (Book 3).

Moon Lake Menace (Book 4).  

Moon Lake Mayhem (Book 5)

 Moon Lake Hate (Book 6)

The Haunted Homestead Cozy Mystery Challenge is a spin-off series from Moon Lake Hate. The first book in that series is Kubbern’s Ghosts.

Who will you meet in Moon Lake, Indiana?

Ghosts, Witches, and Spirits:

Spirit Ghost Lily Collins:  She and her father came to America from Ireland when she was just a teen sometime in the 1830’s. She hangs around the family’s homestead and meddles in the lives of her descendants. Lily is actually a helper spirit, but she doesn’t care if you call her a ghost.

Spirit Nia: Nia was the niece of a Native American Indian Chief. When the government forced the Indians off their land and forced them to travel on foot to land west of the Mississippi Nia was too sick to travel. The Chief and Lily’s father did a deal and Nia came to live with them.

 Spirit Healing Witch Anna Krone: Her Great Grandmother Katrina was the head of a healing community of witches in Germany during the 1700’s. She and her healing sisters were forced to flee for their lives.

The Collins Family:

Sydney Hovan: Owner of Moon Lake Dance

Grace Hovan: Sydney’s mother

Lois Collins: Grace’s sharp shooting aunt.

Monique Collins: Grace’s brother Martin’s daughter.

Ellie Collins: Grace’s brother’s Elwood’s daughter


Citizens of Moon Lake: 

Bert Carson: Town Council President

Olive Carson: Bert’s wife and owner of PhotoStich.

Sy Brady: Pastor at Sy Brady’s Church of Heavenly Peace

Melba Brady: His wife and owner of Melba’s Munchies. Where the locals do breakfast and lunch.

Lexus: Teenage waitress at Melba’s Munchies.

Cammie: Relief waitress and sometime cook at Melba’s.

Officer Andy Sacks: Moon Lake’s crack police chief.

Caleb Burtsfield: Moon Lake’s relief police officer and farmer.

Flossie: Caleb’s Girlfriend

Jackson Burtsfield: Caleb’s teenage son.

Carrie Caser: Owner of Carrie’s of Moon Lake,  Carrie’s of Three Oaks, Carrie’s of New Buffalo. Three Art Galleries in three villages.

Rafe Peters: Fruit Framer who broke Elle Collins heart years ago.  His  wife Judy Melton Peters died a few months before the series starts.

Zac Peters: Rafe’s and Judy’s son. Handyman around town.

Dual Mason: Owns Mason’s Horses. Leases property from the Collins Family

Starr Lexer: Owner of the Starr’s Saloon.

Jinger Jarpen: Owner of Jinger Jarpen’s Junction.

Doc. Boone: Local human doctor.

Doc. Lynne Bitner: Local animal doctor.

Mike Sharp: Local mechanic

Hilde Kahn: Owner of Hilde’s Highlights, local beauty salon.

Wilfred Kahn: Hilde’s husband of 60 years.

Red: Foreman for Carson’s Landscape

Martha Fox: Manager at Carson’s Grocery

Kurt Fox: Matha’s husband and owner of the Fox Ranch

Moon Lake Dance Studio Staff:

Cooper Durrand: Ballroom Dance Instructor.

Alex: Dance Instructor and Sydney’s Partner

Melanine Martin: Dance Instructor and Sydney’s right hand.

Stella Keyes: Music Teacher

The Blockers: Joe, Elton and Mrs. Blockers own a farm and Ranch. Elton also is the town accountant

The Duggans:  Bryce, John and Margaret. Bryce is a student and Baseball Player at Moon Lake High as well as the local league. John is an Attorney.  Margaret works for the school as a Mental Health Professional.

Cindy:  a young girl rescued from a human trafficking ring.

Captin Zook:  Head of Michiana Major Crimes


Moon Lake Animals:

Axl: bobcat

Buckel: beaver

Coco: Sydney’s cat

Charlie: Sydney’s cat

Smitty: Sydney’s horse

Thunder: Sydney’s horse

Chester: Clydesdale horse

Mr. VanGo: Carrie’s horse

Doodles: Hilde’s dog

Max: Rafe Pete’s dog