Moon Lake Dance

Moon Lake Dance

amazonMy First Book: Moon Lake Dance

Somebody apparently wants Ballroom Dance Studio owner Sydney Hovan and her assistant dead. Anyhow it looks that way because men with big guns just invaded her dance studio and are actively searching for them.

The timing couldn’t be worse. A year ago she came home to the fictional village of Moon Lake, Indiana and mortgaged the land of her ancestors to transform an old school into a beautiful grand ballroom. Now she and her studio must win the new TV reality show ‘Where America Learns to Dance.’ She needs the publicity and the prize money to stay afloat. They are down to the wire. Bullet holes will clash with the décor and being dead isn’t an option.

The detective on the case doesn’t believe her story and to make matters worse another body drops making her his prime suspect.

Conservation Officer Link Carter’s sister is missing. His only lead the beautiful Sydney Hovan. Now all he needs to do is keep Sydney alive long enough for him to find Tracy. Not too difficult you say, except Sydney comes with a family and an interfering ghost, well spirit is more accurate.  Oh yes, Sydney isn’t the only member of the family with murderous enemies.

The fictional village of Moon Lake is near the very real city of South Bend, IN.

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