Stories from Moon Lake Dance: Austin part 2

 Monday, Three weeks later.

“So has your grandmother gotten off your back?” asked Sydney as they were ending his Rumba Lesson.

“Yeah, pretty lame huh. A grown man taking dance lessons to appease his grandmother.”  He didn’t look at her instead concentrating on tying his street shoes.

“Not at all. I would vote for a man who valued his relationship with his grandmother enough to want to make her proud.”

“Ah, but will you vote for my candidate.”

She laughed. “I walked straight into that one, didn’t I?”

He was now standing looking directly at her. “Yes, you did.”

Where was her next student when she needed him? Late as usual. “You really want my answer?”


“Okay, my answer is no. No I will not vote for your candidate.”


Lily was beside her. “Think before you speak, child. We aren’t through with him yet.”

“Because I believe creativity is what will propel our country forward and narrow the income gap. Your candidate has a history of ending funding to basically anything that isn’t math, science, or basic reading skills. He’ll fund trade school programs, but anything creative he has voted to dismantle. Given what I do for a living how could I vote for him. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I pushed you for an answer. You gave me one I believe is honest. That’s fair.”

“See you on Thursday.”

“Very good, Child. You gave him something to think about. Things are starting to progress.”

“Are you going to tell me the plan soon?”  She already knew the answer. No. Lily operated on a need to know basis. Why? She had two theories. One, Lily made up a plan as things unfolded. Two, she needed them to react with spur of the moment honesty.

“You will know. Your next student has just arrived ten minutes late.”

“How about in payment for my services you set my student’s watch fifteen minutes ahead?”