Kubbern’s Ghosts: Siren, Angel or Witch available on Amazon.


Kubbern’s Ghosts Front Cover

For a chance at a million dollars would you live with a bunch of people you barely knew? Work in a haunted house? Solve a mystery that happened 150 years ago? Could you  stay alive long enough to collect your winnings?

That’s the question before Team Kubbern Member Lea Laddie.  Her family needs the money. Like really needs the money.  Keep the utilities on kind of need the money, but strange gifts and scary events case her to question the sanity of her participation.

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  The Haunted Homestead Mystery Challenge Staff:

Keith Evans: Production Company Head Honcho

Elle Collins: Genealogist and Project Manager

Ryan Hart: Show’s Host

Monique Collins: Paranormal Consultant

Ida: Innkeeper

Ian: Innkeeper’s son

Team Kubbern:

Lea Laddie: Big Box Store Worker

Tari LaFortune: Tarot Card Reader

Mia Momn: Soccer Mom

Ruth Hillinga: Retired Factory Worker

Leslie Middlestone: Middle School Teacher

Ben Speecher: Bank VP

Ed Nob: City Maintenance Supervisor

Reed Bryant: Portrait Painter

Noah Flockinger: Minister

Slim Pipestone: Plumber

Moon Lake Mayhem Available on Amazon.com


Moon Lake Mayhem Front Cover

amazon Moon Lake Mayhem, the 5th book in the Moon Lake Cozy Mystery series by Lucia Kuhl is available on Amazon.com

Healing Witch-in-Training Carrie Caser’s Magic needs some work, to say the least. The Village of Moon Lake needs Carrie’s Magic to be on point. Can Carrie save the town she loves from the evil cult, militia…culticia? Oh, she needs to solve a murder too. And secure her grandmother’s future.

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Moon Lake Witch by Lucia Kuhl (Moon Lake Mysteries book 1)

Moon Lake Witch

Moon Lake Witch  by Lucia Kuhl (Moon Lake Mysteries Book 1)

E-book available August 10, 2014 on Amazon.com.  Paperback available on August 15, 2014.

Artist and Gallery Owner Carrie Caser woke up Wednesday Morning normal. She opened her Gallery in Moon Lake, Indiana. Greeted a few customers. Then her life went sideways and took the rest of the town sideways too. A town that just might arrest her.  Or burn her at the stake.

In order to avoid that fate she needs to solve a robbery and find a group of kidnappers while learning to live with her strange new reality.

What Carrie doesn’t know is that her great, great, great, great, great Grandmother Anna Krone, a healing-witch, is helping  her out. Or maybe in? Either way, Carrie would argue the word ‘help.’

This novella is the first book in Lucia Kuhl’s Moon Lake Mysteries series.

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