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amazon Moon Lake Mayhem, the 5th book in the Moon Lake Cozy Mystery series by Lucia Kuhl is available on

Healing Witch-in-Training Carrie Caser’s Magic needs some work, to say the least. The Village of Moon Lake needs Carrie’s Magic to be on point. Can Carrie save the town she loves from the evil cult, militia…culticia? Oh, she needs to solve a murder too. And secure her grandmother’s future.

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  1. I just finished Moon Lake Menace and I have enjoyed this series very much. I have just one observation, someone needs to do some serious editing on your books. Wrong names have been used in one instance, and so many grammar errors with extra “the” or some other pronoun, adverb, or adjective in the sentence. It doesn’t detract from the story line, but it does occasionally grate on the nerves.

    That’s it, I love the series but decided you really needed to be aware of this “little” problem. Hope you can continue with more story lines on the
    Collins family of Moon Lake. Thanks for the enjoyable books. Linda

    1. HI,
      Thank you for your kind comments and your feedback. I am so glad you enjoy this series. I appreciate your comments. Trust me, those little errors frustrate me also. I just this week purchased two computer software programs that claim they will catch those errors.” We will see. I also have a recently graduated English Major, who will be doing the final read-through. Again, thank you for your kind input.

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