Research for The Crystal Ballroom, Michigan Islands

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Upper Peninsula, MI

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Upper Peninsula, MI

I set The Crystal Ballroom, my next series, on a fictional Island in the middle of Lake Michigan. At first, I thought will anyone believe there is an island in the middle of Lake Michigan and then I slapped myself upside the head and said “Of course they will. Mackinac Island is already a famous tourist attraction.” Granted it isn’t in Lake Michigan, but it is in the Great Lakes. It was early. What can I say?

So just for fun, I googled Islands in Michigan and was amazed at the large number of islands. Me thinks this summer would be a great time to go Michigan Island hopping.

Anyway here are some links: Video Tour of Mackinac IslandIslands of Michigan,  Drummond Island

The Fox Islands might be a great place to bury a fictional body in a future book.




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Black Friday, 2015

moondanceShopping on Black Friday is a high stress contact sport, the starting and stopping in line, the dodging to the left to avoid a stroller, and then to the right to miss three people linked arm and arm like a tank busting through the store. It  is  more like a war zone than a modern commercial experience.

As I was doing research for Moon Lake Psychic I came across an article that talked about meditation and stress. Now I don’t know about you, but I am horrible at meditation. Sitting and Being exercises fight with plot twists in my mind. But this article  suggested a moving meditation. Basically  singing and at the same time dancing for thirty minutes a day wherever you felt comfortable pouring your energy into the exercise.

I’ve been doing the exercise the last few nights –the cats run and the dogs howl— but what great exercise and I  feel grounded and settled when finished.

So after the shopping and before you drop in that chair, find a safe place and sing and dance for yourself, without human judgement for a few minutes.

Have Fun! Lucia


Kubbern’s Ghosts: Siren, Angel or Witch available on Amazon.


Kubbern’s Ghosts Front Cover

For a chance at a million dollars would you live with a bunch of people you barely knew? Work in a haunted house? Solve a mystery that happened 150 years ago? Could you  stay alive long enough to collect your winnings?

That’s the question before Team Kubbern Member Lea Laddie.  Her family needs the money. Like really needs the money.  Keep the utilities on kind of need the money, but strange gifts and scary events case her to question the sanity of her participation.

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  The Haunted Homestead Mystery Challenge Staff:

Keith Evans: Production Company Head Honcho

Elle Collins: Genealogist and Project Manager

Ryan Hart: Show’s Host

Monique Collins: Paranormal Consultant

Ida: Innkeeper

Ian: Innkeeper’s son

Team Kubbern:

Lea Laddie: Big Box Store Worker

Tari LaFortune: Tarot Card Reader

Mia Momn: Soccer Mom

Ruth Hillinga: Retired Factory Worker

Leslie Middlestone: Middle School Teacher

Ben Speecher: Bank VP

Ed Nob: City Maintenance Supervisor

Reed Bryant: Portrait Painter

Noah Flockinger: Minister

Slim Pipestone: Plumber

Moon Lake Mayhem Available on


Moon Lake Mayhem Front Cover

amazon Moon Lake Mayhem, the 5th book in the Moon Lake Cozy Mystery series by Lucia Kuhl is available on

Healing Witch-in-Training Carrie Caser’s Magic needs some work, to say the least. The Village of Moon Lake needs Carrie’s Magic to be on point. Can Carrie save the town she loves from the evil cult, militia…culticia? Oh, she needs to solve a murder too. And secure her grandmother’s future.

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Moon Lake Menace available on

Moon Lake Menace Front Cover


“Why do you show me the horror and not give me the tools to stop it? How cruel is that?” These are the questions haunting professional psychic matchmaker Monique Collins as an army of lunatics threaten the country and a menace attacks her friends and neighbors.


Lily, her meddling ghost great, great, great grandmother urges Monique to embrace her visions. Monique fears psychic burn if she does. These two female forces need to find a suitable solution before the entire town of Moon Lake, IN is hospitalized or worse.

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Moon Lake Music by Lucia Kuhl available on Amazon.Com

Moon Lake Music Front Cover

Moon Lake Music: Ghosts & Witches on Duty   (Book 3 of  The Moon Lake Mystery Series)


Someone wants to end Literature and The Arts Education in Indiana. That person is willing to kill two people to achieve their goal.

In this light and fun novella the animals, ghosts, witches and residents of Moon Lake, Indiana must band together to solve the riddle behind the bodies found in the water while learning to handle their newfound magical powers.

Those powers are gifts from the Spirits.

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Moon Lake Witch by Lucia Kuhl (Moon Lake Mysteries book 1)

Moon Lake Witch

Moon Lake Witch  by Lucia Kuhl (Moon Lake Mysteries Book 1)

E-book available August 10, 2014 on  Paperback available on August 15, 2014.

Artist and Gallery Owner Carrie Caser woke up Wednesday Morning normal. She opened her Gallery in Moon Lake, Indiana. Greeted a few customers. Then her life went sideways and took the rest of the town sideways too. A town that just might arrest her.  Or burn her at the stake.

In order to avoid that fate she needs to solve a robbery and find a group of kidnappers while learning to live with her strange new reality.

What Carrie doesn’t know is that her great, great, great, great, great Grandmother Anna Krone, a healing-witch, is helping  her out. Or maybe in? Either way, Carrie would argue the word ‘help.’

This novella is the first book in Lucia Kuhl’s Moon Lake Mysteries series.

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Moon Lake Dance

Moon Lake Dance

amazonMy First Book: Moon Lake Dance

Somebody apparently wants Ballroom Dance Studio owner Sydney Hovan and her assistant dead. Anyhow it looks that way because men with big guns just invaded her dance studio and are actively searching for them.

The timing couldn’t be worse. A year ago she came home to the fictional village of Moon Lake, Indiana and mortgaged the land of her ancestors to transform an old school into a beautiful grand ballroom. Now she and her studio must win the new TV reality show ‘Where America Learns to Dance.’ She needs the publicity and the prize money to stay afloat. They are down to the wire. Bullet holes will clash with the décor and being dead isn’t an option.

The detective on the case doesn’t believe her story and to make matters worse another body drops making her his prime suspect.

Conservation Officer Link Carter’s sister is missing. His only lead the beautiful Sydney Hovan. Now all he needs to do is keep Sydney alive long enough for him to find Tracy. Not too difficult you say, except Sydney comes with a family and an interfering ghost, well spirit is more accurate.  Oh yes, Sydney isn’t the only member of the family with murderous enemies.

The fictional village of Moon Lake is near the very real city of South Bend, IN.

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