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Moon Lake Menace Book CoverIn anticipation of the release of Moon Lake Psychic in April, Moon Lake Menace will be on sale for a limited time. Click here to purchase. Sale starts at 8AM on Friday, March 25th.

Look for the next installment of The Crystal Ballroom in your mail Sunday morning.

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American Missing on Writeon. Progress Report 1.19.2016

American Missing Thirty Days priorThe first half of American Missing: Thirty Days Prior  posted to WriteOn.Amazon.Com today. Anyhow, I hope I did it correctly.  The second half will post next week. The American Missing series is written under the name HA Hattery.

I am trying something a little different.  Book 1: Thirty Days Prior when complete will be a short story. Book 2: The Great Fight, a novelette. Book 3: The Dark Days, a novella. Book 4: The First Week, a novel.  It is written as a Western Cozy Mystery.

The final outline for Moon Lake Psychic is finally finished. I and the villain who couldn’t get his act together had a heart to heart. Moon Lake Psychic should progress quickly now. Yes!!!

The first two scenes of The Crystal Ballroom set on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan are posted on LuciaKuhl.Com.  The third scene will post January 2nd. Receive The Crystal Ballroom in your inbox. 

Moon Lake Hate will be free to download from Amazon.Com on January 22 and 23rd.

Have an awesome week.

Research for American Missing

Robot of careP.S. Yes, I know P.S. is supposed to go at the bottom but the image moved my heart.  I found the picture after writing this post. As someone who cares for and watches an aging family member struggle to maintain her independence, I  see how important autonomy is to  her.  The day robots can serve our aging population in a meaningful way will be a great day. Not because their children can’t or won’t help, but because freedom from dependence is so precious.

Okay on with the research:

In American Missing, some things need to go missing. To know what could go missing, I needed to know what’s available. Needed to be up-to-date.

So off to the internet searching to discover my state of un-hipness.  Hip isn’t a hip term anymore, but what can I say?  Child of the sixties.

Personally, I want a robot like Rosie on the Jetsons. My biggest pet peeve is carrying in the groceries. By the time, I return from shopping it’s time to feed the cats. I’ve been away from the house and the animals for the whole sum of a couple hours committing the huge cat felony of leaving them without their personal assistant.

Anyway, cats are swarming, dogs are barking, and family members can’t access things. And then there are the groceries that must exit the car and enter the cupboards and refrigerator. Online I found a robot that will actually carry your groceries. Doesn’t seem like it does much but carry. Hey, at least, it is a start. You can read more about it here.  Now, if it could fetch, might be a little more impressed. How many times have you  walked out to the flower garden farthest from the house only to realize you needed a rake, or another length of hose, or gloves?

Also found a roaming personal assistant available. If she/he/it had arms to carry groceries and dust  could be interesting. Here is a link  It does take pictures for you which would be handy. And it acts as a security guard. Wonder how it would fare against a rambunctious black lab chasing it through the house. Maybe a great way to exercise my overweight pug on sub-zero days, tie a dog bone to the robot and let the pug chase it.

Here are a few more links to some cool things that just either arrived on the market or are in development.

Have an Awesome Day.

Showing up In Life`

keep going or moving self motivation don't quit or stop continue don't give up

It is the New Year and we’ve set our goals. Maybe we’ve even drawn up a plan. Now it’s time to execute. Ah, the tough part. Because we don’t know what to do, or how to do whatever needs to be done next, or we just ain’t got no inspiration.

Sorry, just got interrupted by a big orange cat on my keyboard. Just noticed he’s longer than my extended keyboard.

And then there are always distractions. Distractions that make it easy to say.  “I will get on it when the cat moves. or when the sun shines, or when…”

So I finally figured out the adage about half the battle is just showing up. It means you have to be willing to do something towards your goal. No matter how bad the sentence is, or how  little you know. Because each bad sentence, each horrible piece of choreography, every messy display, and uneven hem can be straightened up and polished.

You can’t polish nothing. It’s okay not to know, not to be good. Keep going forward.

The Author that Started it All.

The Mystery of the Gulls

Phyllis A. Whitney was my favorite author growing up and this was my favorite book. After reading this book I decided I was going to be a writer and I was hooked on mysteries. It took forty years.

The setting is the lovely Mackinac Island.

Moon Lake Psychic held hostage by Ice

Glazed Tree Branch After Winter Ice Storm, Snow and Frozen Rain, Icicles

Glazed Tree Branch After Winter Ice Storm, Snow and Frozen Rain, Icicles

1/4/2016 Progress Report

Moon Lake Psychic. I’d love to say Moon Lake Psychic was almost done, but it isn’t. It is in the second phase of outlining. Once it hits the third stage progress happens pretty fast. I’d like to blame the slow progress on the Ice Storm and resulting power outage we experienced here in Michiana the week after Christmas, but while it contributed to the delay, that wouldn’t be fair to the ice.

I’ve decided to try releasing the first book in each new series as a weekly serial featured on LuciaKuhl.Com. The first installment of The Crystal Ballroom will appear on the site 1.8.2016. If you’d like to receive it in your inbox click this link.  After we’ve solved the mystery and wrapped up the loose ends The Crystal Ballroom will be available for download on Amazon and other online retailers.

American Missing under HA Hattery will be the next series to start. I can’t wait.


Research for The Crystal Ballroom, Michigan Islands

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Upper Peninsula, MI

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Upper Peninsula, MI

I set The Crystal Ballroom, my next series, on a fictional Island in the middle of Lake Michigan. At first, I thought will anyone believe there is an island in the middle of Lake Michigan and then I slapped myself upside the head and said “Of course they will. Mackinac Island is already a famous tourist attraction.” Granted it isn’t in Lake Michigan, but it is in the Great Lakes. It was early. What can I say?

So just for fun, I googled Islands in Michigan and was amazed at the large number of islands. Me thinks this summer would be a great time to go Michigan Island hopping.

Anyway here are some links: Video Tour of Mackinac IslandIslands of Michigan,  Drummond Island

The Fox Islands might be a great place to bury a fictional body in a future book.




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Black Friday, 2015

moondanceShopping on Black Friday is a high stress contact sport, the starting and stopping in line, the dodging to the left to avoid a stroller, and then to the right to miss three people linked arm and arm like a tank busting through the store. It  is  more like a war zone than a modern commercial experience.

As I was doing research for Moon Lake Psychic I came across an article that talked about meditation and stress. Now I don’t know about you, but I am horrible at meditation. Sitting and Being exercises fight with plot twists in my mind. But this article  suggested a moving meditation. Basically  singing and at the same time dancing for thirty minutes a day wherever you felt comfortable pouring your energy into the exercise.

I’ve been doing the exercise the last few nights –the cats run and the dogs howl— but what great exercise and I  feel grounded and settled when finished.

So after the shopping and before you drop in that chair, find a safe place and sing and dance for yourself, without human judgement for a few minutes.

Have Fun! Lucia


Kubbern’s Ghosts: Siren, Angel or Witch available on Amazon.


Kubbern’s Ghosts Front Cover

For a chance at a million dollars would you live with a bunch of people you barely knew? Work in a haunted house? Solve a mystery that happened 150 years ago? Could you  stay alive long enough to collect your winnings?

That’s the question before Team Kubbern Member Lea Laddie.  Her family needs the money. Like really needs the money.  Keep the utilities on kind of need the money, but strange gifts and scary events case her to question the sanity of her participation.

To preview this book visit The Book Page.



  The Haunted Homestead Mystery Challenge Staff:

Keith Evans: Production Company Head Honcho

Elle Collins: Genealogist and Project Manager

Ryan Hart: Show’s Host

Monique Collins: Paranormal Consultant

Ida: Innkeeper

Ian: Innkeeper’s son

Team Kubbern:

Lea Laddie: Big Box Store Worker

Tari LaFortune: Tarot Card Reader

Mia Momn: Soccer Mom

Ruth Hillinga: Retired Factory Worker

Leslie Middlestone: Middle School Teacher

Ben Speecher: Bank VP

Ed Nob: City Maintenance Supervisor

Reed Bryant: Portrait Painter

Noah Flockinger: Minister

Slim Pipestone: Plumber